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Gallatin Canyon - Thomas McGuane When I moved to Arizona to go to college I supported myself working in bookstores and Jim Harrison and Thomas McGuane were the first modern writers that I read and identified with. So picking up this collection of short stories for me was like slipping on that ancient, comfortable pair of wear-bleached white blue jeans.

The Montana based stories in this collection are vintage McGuane. The two stories Vicious Circle and Old Friends featuring John Briggs were probably my favorite. I would have easily given this collection four stars based on those stories, but the longest story The Refugee really didn't work for me at all. If you are a boat person, you might love the nautical jargon that weighs this story down. All of that would even be fine, but I reach the end of the story and was left with the feeling that McGuane never did grab hold of the story.

If you have never read McGuane this is not the place to start. I would suggest his earlier novels, The Bushwhacked Piano or Ninety-two in the Shade.